Scalp Micropigmentation for Balding

Our certified practitioner will embed tiny dots into your scalp so that it looks exactly like your existing hair follicles, blending it seamlessly to look 100% real even in the closest proximities. Our unique process offers our clients a customized and personalized scalp micro pigmentation treatment. We use our advanced matching process to get an exact match achieving total perfection. We offer a 10 year guarantee on our scalp micropigmentation treatments.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Male Hair Thinning

Thinning hair on the crown and temple can be camouflaged with Scalp Micropigmentation. You no longer have to walk around with thin hair and scalp shine. Our Certified Practitioner will use our personalized and customized SMP process to treat thinning and balding areas. We add density and create the illusion of extra volume. The procedure can be completed within a few hours without any scarring or downtime! Come in for a free consultation and see what best suits your needs.

Scalp Micropigmentation Scar Repair & Camouflage

If you have had a hair transplant in the past, chances are that an unsightly scar has been left behind. With our procedure we can camouflage that scar, whether it is horizontal from a strip transplant, or puckered from another transplant technique. Using DROP SMP customized and personalized SMP process to conceal your transplant scar is an option worth considering. In only a few hours your scar will be invisible to the naked eye and you will never again have to feel self conscious because of it.

Restoration of Hairline

A hairline restoration done at DROP SMP Clinic will look completely natural. It’s a zone of hair that will transition from fine, thin, solitary hairs to thicker, denser hair front to back. Always being mindful of the blending procedure using our SMP process to give a natural hairline.